About jQuery

JQuery has been a blessing for several web developers, experienced and newbie alike. It is a library for Javascript that immensely simplifies programming with javascript providing very easy to use, condensed syntax to achieve even apparently complex tasks with Javascript. The use of JQuery has several benefits over using other javascript libraries or the raw javascript itself but it does have a few negative points that you might want to consider if you plan on developing a website with JQuery as well.

Ease of use

This is pretty much the main advantage of using JQuery, it is a lot more easy to use compared to standard javascript and other javascript libraries. Apart from simple syntax, it also requires much less lines of code to achieve the same feature in comparison.

Large library

JQuery enables you to perform hordes of functions in comparison to other Javascript libraries.

Great documentation and tutorials

The JQuery website has a comprehensive documentation and tutorials to get even an absolute beginner in programming to get the ball rolling with this library.

Strong opensource community. (Several jQuery plugins available)

JQuery, while relatively new, has a following that religiously devote their time to develop and enhance the functionality of JQuery. Thus there are hundreds of prewritten plugins available for download to instantly speed up your development process. Another advantage behind this is the efficiency and security of the script.

Ajax support

JQuery lets you develop Ajax templates with ease, Ajax enables a sleeker interface where actions can be performed on pages without requiring the entire page to be reloaded. A pretty but simple example of this can be seen above the fold on