Online PHP, Magento, WordPress and jQuery teacher, professional web developer and freelancer

Online PHP Teacher for Magento, WordPress and jQuery and Freelancer available here. You will be able to learn all this subjects and many more in an efficient manner from me. As I can provide you the proper knowledge and guidance to build up your career or to enhance your skills to match the industry need and standard.

As I teach both online and offline that breaks the barrier for location. I will teach through Skype and Team viewer through screen sharing and video conferencing so it will be easier for all who will learn from me and understand all the aspects no matter where he/she stays.

As I am going to teach all the things and programming languages that falls into Open Source category therefore all the software and needed things are easily available through internet.

Join the online and offline classes and have fun learning from me and let your future grow in a way you want it to be. This course will help you not in the industry only it will also help you to do University and College Project works and assignments.

So lets get started today to have an enhance an enrich experience in learning.

Apart from teaching I do Freelancing as well. I work as a Freelancer in WordPress, Magento, Woocommerce, Drupal, PHP, Extension/Module development for Magento, Plugin development for WordPress etc.