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( Class/Session Required at least 35 including HTML and CSS )

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  • Introduction to Web Development
  • HTML and its application
  • CSS and its application
  • PHP Development environment overview and configuration
  • PHP Syntactical overview
  • PHP Operators, expressions and variables
  • PHP Datatypes and their application
  • Conditional Logic processing in PHP
  • Looping statements in PHP
  • Control flow programming in PHP
  • PHP Built in and custom Functions
  • String functions in PHP
  • Date Time functions in PHP
  • Arrays and its application using PHP
  • Server side validation using PHP
  • Javascript, jQuery and client side validation
  • File Handling and File Uploads using PHP
  • Multiple File Upload using PHP
  • Introduction to Database Management Systems
  • MySQL environment and configuration Overview
  • Data Driven applications using PHP and MySQL
  • Sessions and Cookie Handling
  • How to handle Pagination in PHP
  • What is AJAX¬†and how to use it?
  • AJAX Advance coding to achieve Add, Edit, Delete and Fetch data from Mysql using AJAX
  • Sending Emails using PHP
  • Object Oriented Approach in PHP
  • How to organize a HTML before integrating it into a project
  • PHP Project Handling and deployment environment overview and configuration
  • Industry standard Project with Admin and Front end for using and utilizing all the things that are taught in the real environment
  • Also as extra FTP handling to upload the files to a real server and cpanel handling that is database and FTP creation and all other features of cpanel are included in this course
  • Also the project that will be completed by the student will get uploaded and made live in a real server, So they can understand the actual way of work in the industry