Advantage of Learning from Me

The main advantages that you will get while learning from me

The things that are mentioned below that I will teach. You may never be able to learn all this things until or unless you work at least for 1 to 2 year in the industry. So it will be an upper hand for you then the other candidate who may not have as much knowledge as you as a fresher or may be in case of an experienced person as well.

  • The biggest advantage is that I have been working in the industry more than 7+ years now, so I will be able to teach you in a way so that you can have the feel of industry standard work even before you start with your career
  • I will teach you all the aspects about programming in details
  • I will teach and explain every possible single details about all the things that you will learn from me
  • I will provide regular homeworks for the sections that will be related to every days lessons
  • As I teach one to one so you will be able to clarify each and every problems that you have related to your lessons
  • I will teach you how to handle server
  • I will teach you how to handle cpanel
  • How to create FTP accounts through cpanel
  • How to create Database in cpanel
  • How to upload extract and setup a project in cpanel
  • How to import and export your database in phpmyadmin using cpanel
  • How to setup your own mail accounts through cpanel
  • How to use mail forwards to redirect the emails to your preferred email id
  • How to create and use sub domains using cpanel
  • How to change PHP configuration using cpanel